It all started when...

A neighbor cornrowed my hair for the first time. It's my earliest memory of feeling beautiful. I have had an attachment to hair and its power ever since.

I was the family hairdresser by 9 and the community, "kitchen beautician" by 14. After a small derailment for advanced studies and becoming a middle school teacher, I received my cosmetology license by 26. 

I worked at Arrojo Studio for six and half years and became a Senior Stylis, while honing and broadening my craft. I've learned the bulk of what I now understand about hair, there. Now, I am thrilled to return to something like that kitchen beautician. Only this time, I get to mix all of what I've mastered in cutting and styling all types, and textures of hair. Drawing from my earliest hairdressing days to my most current. Come as you are to my chair, and we'll make something great.

"Let's do something with that hair!"





ig. @reneesrh